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Strategic Energy Management

Get the organizational, technical, and financial support you need to reduce your energy spend by improving Operations & Maintenance practices and by upgrading your equipment. Strategic Energy Management (SEM) focuses on people - not just projects and equipment. SEM motivates employees at industrial plants to bring about changes that lead to long-lasting energy savings.

SMART Industrial lowering carbon footprint
Cascade helped us discover energy efficiency incentives available to us."

Matt Aguirre, Maintenance Manager, Bimbo Bakeries

SEM Components

Your facility, systems, and people are unique. Achieving deep and lasting reduction in energy use and greenhouse gas emissions requires a strategic plan with solutions tailored to your site.


The two-year program is delivered through a series of workshops attended by a small group, or cohort of local industrial communities where you'll learn from and foster relationships with

like-minded peers.


SEM focuses on low- and no-cost energy-saving actions, and also identifies potential capital projects and supports their development and implementation by energy teams (including utility incentives as appropriate) with the use of 

energy models.

Engineering Support

SEM Coaches and engineers provide technical, organizational, and on-site support as participants establish SEM practices and implement energy-saving projects.

Treasure Hunts

Our SEM coaches and engineering experts collaborate with your team to search for the best savings opportunties at your facility and prioritize low-cost, no-cost, and capital projects to complete over the duration of the two-year program.

SMART Industrials SEM

Simple Steps to Savings

Your industrial peers in SDG&E's territory are already seeing savings from the SEM Program.

Enroll today to make SMART use of your PPP charges.

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